Online diagramming with the look & feel of a desktop application!
Draw & share Flowcharts, Process diagrams, Organizational charts and more.
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We are not selling individual accounts any more. We offer the whole solution and you can integrate in your web server.

Add diagramming solution to your website

Give your website visitors, the ability to draw charts and diagrams

Your website visitors can now draw charts and diagrams from withing your website or blogs or any webpage. This will benefit any business, school, Government or personal webpage owners.

For a Business: Your employees or vendors can draw charts and diagrams to share ideas freely.
For a School: Students or teachers can draw flowcharts, artwork for teaching or assignments.
For Goverment: Draw car accident report charts, crime scene and more.

Install Drawanywhere entirely in your web server

  • All diagrams will stay in your database securely and privately.
  • You have full control over its operation, userbase.
  • Everything will run from your web server
  • Add your own shapes and stencil objects that user can drag and drop
  • Requirement: your own webserver, your own database (Microsoft Windows, SQL Server)
  • Price: one time $5000 to $10,000 depending on number of users and customization
  • Contact us
  • We can work with you to deliver a custom diagramming solution that you can install in your server and your users can use it.
    You will be able to add your own icons, images with your own categorization.
    All Diagram data will be saved in your database.

    We will deliver
    -Database scripts to install the database and stored procedures
    -Middle tier components that will run from your web server
    -Front end flash component for user interface
    -Instructions on how to install and configure

    The solution will be completely independent running from your webserver, and all diagram data will reside in your server.

For more info: Contact us

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